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Transform your health with integrative & functional nutrition counseling.

Registered dietitian & functional nutritionist

There is so much more to health than just the food we eat or a number on a scale. At Good Nutrition, we look at the whole you. We will work together to build personalized nutrition and lifestyle habits that will last you a lifetime.

Taking an individualized, root-cause approach to health.

WE help OUR clients build healthy habits, feel better, and find what works for THEM.

I believe that one size does NOT fit all. This is why, at Good Nutrition, we take a holistic approach to nutrition using evidence-based integrative and functional medicine. This means helping you feel your best by targeting the root cause of your concerns and supporting you in building maintainable nutrition and lifestyle habits for long-term impact.

We will work together to create a customized nutrition and lifestyle plan that you can integrate into your life to help you achieve your goals.

Founder of Good Nutrition, Registered Dietitian, Master's in Clinical Nutrition, Certified Integrative and Functional Nutritionist and Health Coach. I combine my expertise in nutrition with evidenced-based functional medicine and my experience in human behavior to help my clients improve their health, relationship with food, and overall wellbeing. My philosophy aims to achieve balance in both the diet and other areas of life.

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Signature Good Nutrition Program

Consistency is key for best results (and for success)! Our Good Nutrition Program includes a 75-minute Initial Consultation plus 5 customized 45-minute follow-up sessions. We will meet every other week to help you achieve your health and nutrition goals. 

Comprehensive Functional Nutrition Program

Perfect for people with a history of stubborn or chronic symptoms that require a deeper level of investigation. We will utilize functional lab testing to get to the root cause of your health concerns. This program is structured around a 75-minute Initial Consultation followed by 7 bi-weekly 45-minute follow-up sessions.

Nutrition counseling customized for you

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Debunking Detox

The term “detox” has been exploited as a way to sell diet programs. But is there some truth to it? Do we need to “detox”? The answer, as I typically say with nutrition, is that it depends.

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